HydraLux Pool Covers

HydraLux is the most advanced pool cover system designed and manufactured by Aquamatic Cover Systems. It is a European slat style cover that incorporates proven Aquamatic hydraulic technology.

You are no longer limited in your pool design as the HydraLux can be cut to any converging shape. Water features such as laminares and spa overflows can run while the cover is closed.

The HydraLux is a unique automatic pool cover that utilizes extruded rigid PVC slats.  This slat design eliminates the rope / track / leading edge bar interface as with traditional automatic pool covers, and can provide automation on pools that previously could not accept an automatic pool cover.  In addition, multiple covers can be deployed from a hidden recess in the pool floor to allow for the most complex pool shapes and designs.

We have two slat types available to choose from…

Our standard slats are a hollow core with three air chambers. The design characteristic of the hollow slats, when sealed they provide a ½” airspace giving the cover an excellent insulating value.  The slats are available in white, tan, light blue, and gray.

We also have optional slats with the hollow core, which include green, turquoise, and in Polycarbonate we have clear and solar (clear top/black bottom).

Another Aquamatic exclusive is an optional slat that is a solid foam core which offers an even greater insulating value.  Ideal for commercial pools, or pools that are maintained in colder climates. Available in Blue Sky, Steel Gray, Silex Gray and Cream White.

  • Designed and developed by Aquamatic Cover Systems.
  • Proven automatic hydraulic drive technology.
  • Key switch control.
  • 20 year limited mechanism warranty.
  • 5 year limited warranty on a hollow core slat
  • 6 year limited warranty on solid core slat


The HydraLux offers unmatched aesthetics. Along with its unique energy saving properties, the HydraLux will offer you an expedited return on investment while significantly reducing your pool operating costs, and enhancing your pool ownership experience.

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Our Customers Love Us!

We have installed their cover systems in many of our pools and whirlpools, both the Hydramatic and Hydralux models. Aquamatics aftermarket service is also excellent.,
Carla Sovernigo, Alka Pool Construction
We have specified Aquamatic Cover Systems on many of our projects worldwide.We have always gotten all of the support we need in both design specification as well as construction phases.

Brian Van Bower, Aquatic Consultants, Inc.