Initially designed for the swim spa applications where the goal was to make the pool cover drive system proportional to the reduced size of the vessel. We have now made it ready for all types of pool and spa construction.

The mechanism with this unique compact hydraulic drive only requires a 12″ (past waterline) offset on both ends of the pool cover recess. This aids in the aesthetic value by equaling the offsets and allows for a better coping layout to accentuate symmetry around the pool and spa edge. Additionally, if you have limited clearance or a raised (partially above ground) design, this unit answers those challenges.

The Hydramatic Compact Drive is ideal for small to medium-sized pools and spas. If you have a large pool that you want to cover, our standard Hydramatic is also available in a “Split-drive” configuration with an equal 20″ offset on both ends. See the Hydramatic downloads section for the details on that pool cover mechanism.

This Hydramatic Compact Drive utilizes Aquamatic proven dual motor hydraulic technology assuring you of the reliability and durability typical of our standard Hydramatic pool cover, and is supported by an industry best 20-year limited mechanical warranty.

The Compact Drive pool cover system is limited to a maximum pool size of 12′ wide and 24′ long.


The HYDRAMATIC cover system comes with a twenty year limited warranty on the mechanism, and a seven year limited warranty on the fabric.

Contact your local Aquamatic representative for more details

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Upgrades & Options

The EZ-Cover is a perfect swimming pool cover for the budget minded consumer. It will answer the safety requirements while keeping the pool clean and warm while reducing your swimming pool operating costs.

The EZ-Cover is the only manual pool cover that can be installed in all of the same applications as an automatic pool cover, recessed or above ground.
Additionally we have designed it, so that if you want to convert to an automatic pool cover later, we can do so with a minimum of effort, because the EZ-Cover shares many components with the Hydramatic.

Contact your local pool cover professional for more details.

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