Lift Lid

Another Aquamatic Exclusive…

The Lift Lid is a uniquely engineered lid system ideal for any pool application, (especially when the cover is located at the entry point of the pool). The Lift Lid system rests solidly on the lowered bond beam providing a completely stable, zero deflection walking surface that incorporates your pool coping or decking surround.

What is so unique about our Lift Lid system is that it hides the lowered bond beam; as well as, the leading edge bar of the cover. The cover vinyl is sandwiched between two nylon rails which also acts as a water stop and blocks virtually all pool water from splashing into the cover recess.
The lift lid is hydraulically actuated, and with a turn of a key, once it is raised, the cover will open or close seamlessly. When the cover reaches its maximum endpoints, or any time the key is released, the Lift Lid will slowly drop to its fixed position, once again, providing a solid and safe walking surface.