Aquamatic Cover Systems understands what our clients want. We believe our clients understand the value. We believe our clients choose to make investment decisions based on sound mechanics, warranty, cosmetics, and the confidence of working with proven leaders in their given fields. We know that price is important as well. Aquamatic has broken the mold. We provide equipment that gives out clients the confidence in their investments that they demand and we do it at a comparable price to all other suppliers.

Aquamatic Cover Systems doesn’t stop there. We are the leader in functional technology across the entire spectrum of swimming pool covers. Retractable pool covers are an incredibly important part of any pool project. Regardless of your needs or budget, if your concerns are safety, energy efficiency, pool cleanliness, evaporation control, or all the above, we have what you require. Aquamatic Cover Systems manufactures the easiest-to-use manual system (EZ Cover) as well as the most advanced and adaptable automatic system (Hydralux) that you will find anywhere.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you. Aquamatic has earned a reputation as a manufacturer of the finest retractable pool covers in the world.

Why us? With all that we can do for you, we are the best choice.

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