At Aquamatic we have dedicated years of research, engineering, and investment to give you the ultimate system at an affordable price. On the surface, most pool covers look similar …but the most important part of any pool cover is the mechanism. See why pool professionals, architects, and designers worldwide have made the Hydramatic, the top-selling hydraulic automatic pool cover.

Our patented mechanism of the Hydramatic represents the best value for your durable investment. Designed to last the lifetime of your pool, the Hydramatic is maintenance free, and the most reliable cover on the market with the most extensive warranty in the industry today.

There is no comparison to our unique all-fluid dual drive is elegant in its simplicity, yet very robust. The all-fluid drive eliminates the clutch (typical on every other automatic cover) and is self-adjusting with no need for lubrication. One motor opens the cover, and one motor closes.  The direction is controlled by turning the key which actuates a proprietary solenoid valve to send the hydraulic fluid to the corresponding motors. Another inherent part of the Hydramatic, is our patented pressure relief valves, eliminating the need for electrical sensors or other electrical devices near the pool.

Hydraulics are widely used in heavy equipment for their durability and reliability. The Hydramatic drive is a closed-loop system, and although a drain is required in the cover recess, inadvertent flooding does not mean expensive electric motor replacement.

No electric components near the pool for greater safety. All electric power and switches are remote at the equipment pad which also means less service. It is the most popular system for wet and hostile environments and is the preferred choice of builders, designers, and architects.

Our exclusive patented built-in rainwater removal feature eliminates accumulated rainwater on the cover surface by simply turning the key to open the cover, the water is forced through the screens into the pool. The screen mesh will collect the leaves and most debris.

The Hydramatic cover is UL tested and certified to exceed ASTM F1346-91 standards for pool safety.


The HYDRAMATIC cover system comes with a twenty year limited warranty on the mechanism, and a seven year limited warranty on the fabric.

Contact your local Aquamatic representative for more details.

Aquamatic Cover Systems (AMCS) Disclaimer:

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Upgrades & Options

The EZ-Cover is a perfect swimming pool cover for the budget minded consumer. It will answer the safety requirements while keeping the pool clean and warm while reducing your swimming pool operating costs.

The EZ-Cover is the only manual pool cover that can be installed in all of the same applications as an automatic pool cover, recessed or above ground.

Additionally we have designed it, so that if you want to convert to an automatic pool cover later, we can do so with a minimum of effort, because the EZ-Cover shares many components with the Hydramatic.

Contact your local pool cover professional for more details.

Lift Lid

Another Aquamatic Exclusive…

The Lift Lid is a uniquely engineered lid system ideal for any pool application, (especially when the cover is located at the entry point of the pool). The Lift Lid system rests solidly on the lowered bond beam providing a completely stable, zero deflection walking surface that incorporates your pool coping or decking surround.

What is so unique about our Lift Lid system is that it hides the lowered bond beam; as well as, the leading edge bar of the cover. The cover vinyl is sandwiched between two nylon rails which also acts as a water stop and blocks virtually all pool water from splashing into the cover recess.
The lift lid is hydraulically actuated, and with a turn of a key, once it is raised, the cover will open or close seamlessly. When the cover reaches its maximum endpoints, or any time the key is released, the Lift Lid will slowly drop to its fixed position, once again, providing a solid and safe walking surface.

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