Ideal on retrofit installations where running electrical or a hose chase can be challenging due to existing decking, landscaping, and overall distance back to the equipment pad. No concrete cutting or electrical is required.

Fully self-contained for quick and easy installation. Ideal for the DIY pool owner.

The DC hydraulic power pack is located within the bench enclosure, and also includes a battery for storage. As a backup, we also include within the system is battery charger if extended periods of inclement weather prevent the solar from charging.

The bench enclosure can be manufactured with the solar power unit on one side, and the hydraulic drive module on the other for symmetry, or you can have both the power unit and drive module in the same extension. For layout, the symmetrical offsets are min 24″ on the drive module and 30″ on the solar power unit end. (This can be either side to whatever works best for your installation). If keeping both the hydraulic drive module and solar power unit in the same extension, you will need approximately 55″ with the non-drive reducing down to 8″. These dimensions are from the outside edge of the tracks.

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